Letting Go - The Philosophy Behind My Unique Prints

I am a practitioner (though admittedly not a very good or disciplined one) of zen buddhist philosophy, and one of the main teachings of Zen is: let go. Everything changes all the time, and in order to have a calm, centered life and a tranquil mind, we must learn to live with the flux of things. (Very similar to Stoicism as well, by the way). And that means being able to let go of even our most cherished possessions.

Most (if not all) photographers sell multiple copies of their images, whether they be limited or open editions. Though this has the clear advantage of allowing them (well, us) to increase their income with repeated sales, it has drawbacks as well.  For example, until an edition sells out, we end up having to keep the image available on our website, thus either cluttering it or keeping new material out.  Second, and I think most importantly, it forces us to keep going back to these images, to treasure them.  Now, you might think that that's a good thing, but revisiting the past can also be a creative block.

"Dream Catcher" emerging from my printer (artist´s proof, A3 size)

(Artist's proof of "Dream Catcher" emerging from my printer.)


So by making a single print of an image, I pay respect to it, but at the same time let go of it.  It will stay in my archive until sold, but I will have moved on to making other images. I will not be revisiting it. I believe this is a way to constantly challenge myself and keep the creative fluids going. My first Unique Print is one entitled "Dream Catcher", and is an abstract image of an Australian flower that seems to be made of feathers. The title is a homage to the artifacts used by Native American shamans to inspire creativity, imagination and help transform dreams into realities.

You can view my unique prints in my Unique Prints gallery.

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